Piano Tuning

Jimmy Liu is a piano technician, tuning pianos for Carnegie Mellon University and over 150 private clients in Pittsburgh.  The rate for a piano tuning is $140 for first time clients, $120 for subsequent visits.

For booking inquiries please email Liujunyi22@gmail.com

Jimmy learned how to tune and fix pianos with Peter Stumpf, who is the technician for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.


Q & A with Jimmy

Q: Why does my piano need tuning and how often?

A: Due to weather and humidity change, the piano strings change in tension each season, but not all at the same time.  This causes the piano to sound out of tune, and should be tuned at least once per year.   I tune my home pianos around 4 times per year.

Q: My piano hasn’t been tuned in over 10 years!  What should I do?

A: Don’t worry, seeing pianos that haven’t been serviced in a long time is common.  The piano probably needs a “pitch raise”, and I will slowly bring the piano back to standard pitch over many tunings throughout the year.  Pianos like to be played but don’t like to be tuned, so the piano will sound great after the initial tuning but it will only last for a few weeks as the pins will want to go back to where it’s been resting all these years.  After around the third tuning in the same year, the piano’s pitch will be back to normal and be stable enough to last for many months.

Q: My piano keys are sticking, pedal is squeaky, string is broken, etc.  Do you fix these?

A: Minor repairs are included with the tuning.

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