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Jimmy Liu is a highly sought after piano technician, currently tuning pianos for Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham University, and the Ellis School. He has tuned pianos for over 500 clients in Pittsburgh including in venues such as PPG Paints Arena and the Benedum Center.  The current rate for piano tuning is $180 for first time clients and $160 for each subsequent visit within two years.  Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle.  The visit should last around 75-90 minutes depending on the condition of the piano, which includes minor repairs. Jimmy is also fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

For booking inquiries please email Liujunyi22@gmail.com or call 412-251-7219.  

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Testimonials from Google reviews:

“Jimmy has extensive knowledge of tuning pianos and is committed to enabling players to experience their instrument at its top potential. I am exceedingly satisfied with the service that Jimmy provided and he has transcended my expectations in quality, pleasantness, and professionalism.”

-Sarah R

“I am so happy I worked with Jimmy to have him tune our piano and would highly recommend hiring him to anyone who’s in need of a tuning. I found his pricing to be affordable and well worth it. Jimmy is professional, kind, and efficient; I will definitely be reaching out to him for all future piano tuning needs and would encourage others to do so, too!”

-Elana G

“Excellent tuning, very professional, on-time and reasonable rates. Also a great pianist. Would recommend his services.”

-Carrie X

Q & A with Jimmy

Q: Why does my piano need tuning and how often?

A: Due to weather and humidity change, the piano strings change in tension each season, but not all at the same time.  This causes the piano to sound out of tune, and should be tuned at least once per year.   I tune my home pianos around 4 times per year.

Q: My piano keys are sticking, pedal is squeaky, string is broken, etc.  Do you fix these?

A: Minor repairs are included with the tuning.  In most cases sticky keys are easily fixed.

Q: What makes you different from other piano technicians?

A: I’ve been playing piano since age four and have a masters degree in piano performance.  I tune each piano as if I’m about to give a performance on the instrument, and like to play through some of the repertoire I’m currently working on after each tuning.

Q: My piano hasn’t been tuned in over 10 years!  What should I do?

A: Don’t worry, seeing pianos that haven’t been serviced in a long time is common.  The piano will need a “pitch raise”, and I will bring the piano back to standard pitch over several tunings throughout the year.  Pianos like to be played but don’t like to be tuned, so the piano will sound great after the initial tuning but it will only last for a few weeks as the pins will want to go back to where it’s been resting all the previous years.  After around the third tuning within the same year, the piano’s pitch will be back to normal and be stable enough to last for many months.  I have included a short video on Youtube demonstrating a “before and after” tuning of a piano that hasn’t been tuned for 30 years.  The piano was more than a half step flat.  It will be significantly better after the first tuning session, though it will need another tuning to maintain its pitch.


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