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Jimmy teaches over 40 students in his piano studio. He focuses on not only the mechanics of playing piano at a proficient level, but also on theory, musicality, history, and group classes.  His students perform in student recitals twice per year, competitions, and events in Pittsburgh and beyond.  In 2017 and 2019, many of his students performed at Weill Hall in Carnegie Hall, New York City.

Jimmy teaches on a Kawai RX2 piano, and a 1900 rebuilt Steinway Rosewood D.   His studio is in Squirrel Hill.

For inquiries of joining his studio and a copy of the studio policy, please email Liujunyi22@gmail.com.

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Q&A with Jimmy

Q: How old are your students?

A: My students vary in age from 5-75.  The best time to begin is when they’re between 5-7 years old.  However, I also teach adult students that are beginners, or those who would like to resume lessons after taking piano lessons when they were younger.

Q: Do I need a piano when first starting lessons?

A: The short answer is yes, I do not accept students who do not have a piano to practice on.  A keyboard with weighted keys is fine in the first year of study, but an acoustic piano will be needed for steady progress.  The reason is you cannot replace the touch and feel of an acoustic piano with a keyboard.  The make of the piano is very important and the ONLY brands I recommend would be Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Steinway, or Young Chang.  I then recommend the piano be tuned and service at least once per year, please check out my piano tuning page for more details.

Q: How much time do I need to practice?

A: It depends on the level of the student.  In general, beginners should be practicing around 20-30 minutes each day, 45 minutes for intermediate level, and 1 hour or more for advanced students.  This does not need to be done in one sitting, and can be spread out through the day.  You’ll see more results through consistent practice habits rather than cramming everything over the weekend and practice for 5 hours.

Q: Do I need to perform regularly?

A: I believe performing is an important part of taking piano lessons.  It is the culmination of much hard work, and provides the student with a sense of achievement after spending learning a piece.  I help all of my students deal with stage fright, and will never push a student on stage if I do not feel like they are ready to perform.  There are at least two large studio recitals per year, as well as a number of other opportunities to play such as in group classes, events, and engagements around the community.

Q: How much are lessons?

A: I charge by tuition instead of by the lesson or monthly.  For a copy of my studio policy and updated tuition costs, please email me at Liujunyi22@gmail.com.



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